Thursday, January 23


Thank you for taking a moment to look at our website, here you will find details of our upcoming bus depot tours.

The YWBC was formed in 2019 to provide fellow enthusiasts with a chance to visit bus companies and ride aboard some truely wonderful vehicles which are normally beyond our daily reach as well as offering excursions to a number of bus rallies across the country at an affordable price.

You don't need to be a member of the Yorkshire Woollen Bus Club to join any of our depot tours, however if you become a member you will recieve a discount aboard everyone of our depot tours.

Memberships are valid for 12 months and are great value as they are only £12 a year for everyone, application forms are available aboard any of our depot tours and excursions.

The Midlands Meander

Can we say thank you to all the people that chose to join us on Saturday for our bus depot tour around the East Midlands.

We started the day at Doncaster aboard YN07LHB provided by Powells Bus and driven by our very good friend Chris, we travelled firstly to Travel Wright of Newark who welcomed us and provided us with complimentary refreshments and rides aboard two of their double deckers.

We then travelled across to Sharpes new premises at Langar were they operate a variety of well presented vehicles especially the fleet of double deckers in their striking two tone blue livery.

Continuing our tour, we travelled onto Skills Coaches at Bullwell were we was welcomed once again and offered the chance to ride aboard one of their recently acquired Dennis Trident's which came from Lothian.

We then travelled onto good friends at DW Coaches of Clay Cross before we made our final vehicle change onto BF67GUU which was provided by Browns Coaches for the journey back to Doncaster.

Unfortunately due to issues beyond the control of YWBC we ran out of time and a decision was made to miss out on the visit to Redfern Travel so we could ensure that nobody missed their connections at Doncaster.

However, it has been brought to our attention that some of you were very dissapointed by this last minute decision and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused and hopefully this has not deterred you from joining us again in the future.

If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to drop us an email on

The Eastern Experience

Bus Running Days are delighted to announce their first running day for 2020, this will be a visit to Ellie Rose Coaches of Hull where they will be making the use of some great vehicles from the fleet of school buses.

Hopefully you will all be able to join BRD on Saturday 25th April, when the day will start with a pick up at 10:30 from outside The Truck Theatre, next to the Interchange and they'll aim to return you all by 17:30 approximately.

The Ellie Rose fleet currently contains the following double deckers:

V38MOA, V59MOA, V61MOA, V64MOA, V86MOA, V91MOA, V96MOA, V429MOA, V440MOA, V490MOA, W652CWX, W657CWX, W659CWX, W661CWX, W664CWX, W665CWX, W669CWX, W671CWX, W672CWX, W673CWX, W674CWX, W658WKH, LJ03MJU, LK04HYM, LK04HZB, LK04HZG, LK04HZJ, LK04JCX, LK04JCZ, MF51LZW, MF51LZX, YX51AYB, YX51AYC, LF52UPD, LF52UPG, and LF52ZPC

For a full days travel aboard this running day, the fare will be £20 per person which is payable on the day.

If you would like any further details about this running day, please feel free to drop Bus Running Days an email on and they will do their best help you with your enquiry.

The Kirkby Express

We at YWBC understand that its sometimes its hard to attend those popular bus rallies in other areas so this year for we will be offering our fellow enthusiasts an easy and cheaper option by off running a number of excursions.

One of which will be the fantastic annual running day at Kirkby on Sunday 7th June organised by North West Vehicle Restoration Trust.

This will be just one of our excursions to popular bus rallies on the events calendar for 2020 that we are aiming to attend.

We will start with a pick up at 8:00am from Union Street in Wakefield next to the bus station, there will also be a second pick up at 8:30am from York Street (bus stop F5) next to the Leeds City bus station and the best bit is that its only £20 per person return, payable on the day.

You don't need to pre-book or reserve a place, simply turn up on the day and is no need to be a member of any group or society to join this excursion, nor do you need to be invited to join us as all are welcome.